StoryCommerce: Drive-thru for online shopping

2 min readSep 2, 2022

A new way to shop without getting out of your flow.

We’ve heard of Live commerce, Social commerce, all in efforts to transform shopping into a more pleasant experience. It’s about time we made it shorter.

Quick check-in

StoryCommerce is an e-Commerce technique that lets you order and buy products from your favorite brands in a simple, visual and interactive way. Consumers can browse through products by simply tapping through, akin to Whatsapp or Instagram stories, select the desired one, and purchase it with just a few taps. The entire process happens on your phone screen with little or no effort, enabling one to browse through the whole shops catalog in seconds.

The perfect window-shopping technique

As the user scrolls through the feed, they will be able to view and purchase items from different stores in one place. Brands are able to create their own storefronts by uploading products and may share their link with their customers to check in on new products and make purchases.

Take a look:

MyFy allows you to create your own stories with links to products so that you can advertise what you are selling. Create your shop now on MyFy, and find the story link in on your shop’s home page such as below:




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