The swiss army knife app for entrepreneurs

2 min readJan 16, 2022


A swiss army knife is a multi-tool pocket knife. The thing has a spear point blade and a multitude of other blades and tools such as screwdrivers, a can opener, and scissors.

There isn’t a more descriptive definition for Myfy, the app that is going to put your business on autopilot.
Having been raised by “Abayilibi” (enterprising parents). We at Myfy understand your pain points, specifically speaking, you want to be able to start, finance, and run your business dream with zero hustle or you’ve already started that “kaside” hustle and on levels of your core, you want to grow it into a behemoth.

Smile Friend 😊, we’ve got you covered in that regard.

Our value proposition at Myfy is to help you navigate the business jungle effortlessly and just like a swiss army knife, help you cut through your business hurdles with the following app features;

Online shop listing and ads:

With a few strokes and taps on your phone, jump onto trendy
ecommerce with minimum hustle. We automatically generate a site to sell your products on a short memorable address such as and submit the orders you receive thereon onto your phone. We further go the extra mile to get you new clients by advertising your products or services on other sites in our network through site recommendations.

Rotational savings & FINANCING

Myfy will help you save without you having to think about it. This feature is akin to you local village saving arrangement where a group of like minded people pool together money or items and pass them on to one of their members regularly.
We also enable entrepreneurs mobilize cheap unsecured capital from their rotational savings group.
Suffice all that to say, Make your business self sustaining by saving a proportion of your business’s proceeds with a group of trusted partners all on one platform.

Mobile money integration

Link your business to your mobile money wallet so you don’t break a sweat transacting with your customers, partners and suppliers.

Records and stats

Hustle-free book keeping with automated sales /purchase entries and tax calculations. Our app keeps track of all your business transactions helping you access your business data and insights for informed and better business decision making.


The app also keeps track of your online customer contacts, their orders and generates periodic reports to help you bolt through customer relationship management which in turn helps keep those customers coming back to you for more.

Sign up for free today here.

We are taking every step of the way with you 😉.




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