We did the numbers. You don’t need to rent at the mall to start selling.

2 min readMar 15, 2022

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) estimates mall crowds at 50–80% of pre-pandemic levels.

🎵Let’s go to the mall…, today

Despite the many articles citing mall foot traffic at pre-pandemic levels in August 2021, this was a shallow picture of the temporary urge of people to go outside after 1.5 years of staying indoors.

The customers

We heard they worry that things won’t fit. Despite bad PR for online shopping, the customer experience if definitely better. I live in a hot city, with huge ass malls, I recently went to pick out some home supplies, my legs hurt from walking around the mall looking for the stuff (without a search bar it’s the only way) and I lined up to wait for a taxi in the sun with the plastic bag handles digging into my fingers.

The seller

MyFy leaves control to the individual entrepreneurs, they manage their stock and relate directly with their customers which builds their business skills and transmits the scale of growth to direct success for the business, as opposed to popular e-Commerce models like Amazon, where the entrepreneurs will only supply the product and most likely get out-competed when product demand grows.

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